Arkadi Zaides


In his recent works Arkadi Zaides has been focusing on bringing to light politically charged content by investigating existing documents. Whether it is a video footage extracted from archives of a human rights organization operating in the West Bank, or the official reports of an EU funded project in the field of securitization, the usage of documentary materials within the performance field raises a number of moral and ethical questions need to be further discussed. In this workshop Zaides question these and related questions based on his personal experience and choreographic practice.

Presentation: Border Choreographies

In this talk Choreographer Arkadi Zaides will discuss two of his recent works. Both focus on borders as spaces that generate movement and provoke ethics. With the use of documentary materials, a specific choreography is identified in the proximity of borders. As a performer Arkadi embodies the ones who are in power. In Archive (2014) he embodies the gestures of Israeli settlers in the West Bank and in TALOS (2017) he becomes a spokesman of an EU funded project that aims to replace human border guards with robots. Questions of participation and responsibility arise as the stage mirrors the practices and the power relations which constitute the border.