Chrysa Parkinson

Workshop: What’s Front Got to Do With It?

I will propose movement and language-based scores. The workshop will be structured around the question of experiential authorship. Rather than considering the author as an owner (or controller) of actions, roles and materials, how can miscomprehension and disorientation be invited to support the performers authorship? How does the performing artist activate, engage with, form, reform and play with how they are constituted?
How they are comprehended?
And with front?Where is it. How did it get there. What is it up to.

Presentation: Disorienting Front

A performance practice consisting of a collection of voiced statements around and about the experience of front. The creation and performance of this text is an ongoing practice of facing fronts, some current, some ancient, some mine, some not. The collection of statements draws from poetry, science fiction, theory, fantasy, jokes, anecdotes and old dictionaries.
The practice is performed in English with a duration of about 40 minutes.