Practice/s—An Evening of practice schmactice—the things we do and how do you do?

Local Practice also offers a format that is an open source/sharing evening. For this Local Practice, Samlingen is invited to share an evening of re-membering the his/herstories of practice, in which all the participants can contribute with their own stories.

Samlingen thinks the dance scene lacks knowledge about its own history. About stories, traditions, experiences. It lacks knowledge about the people who made the history, not only about those who wrote it. The dancer is not really well known as a history writer, but she kind of is. History writing is also made body to body, mouth to ear, and mouth to mouth. This is not to say that dancers do not talk or write. On the contrary, dancers are great talkers and writers. Samlingen makes an attempt to combine feminist strategies of history writing that highlight the physical knowledge, the experience and knowledge transferred body to body, the subjective stories, the oral history and herstory of dance.

Now Samlingen is represented by Halla and Zoë in the context of Local Practice where we will spend the evening re-membering the his/herstories of practice. Based on memories, anecdotes and historical facts we move through the official and the unofficial, the told and untold, the celebrated and the ignored. Join us to map how we practice dancing together, calling on past, present and future ghosts, methods, premonitions and procedures.