Ofelia Jarl Ortega

Workshop: ​Eyes wide shut

Here I will share my practices around gazing and letting others gaze back at you. In this workshop gazing is used as choreographic material. Together we will look at ourselves and each other through imaginary and actual images and situations. From my interest in sexuality and sensuality, across erotic aesthetics, the gaze has taken a crucial role in my work. With this as a point of departure we will dance, talk, and see where gazing can bring us.

Presentation: ​Practice presentation

Simply me performing my practices without what frames it as a performance. I premiere my next solo “StM” only three weeks after this presentation, and I’m curious to be with my practices in a different way than in the frame of a performance. Since I’m interested in the relation between performer and audience I have several works that are part of an ongoing investigation, never fixated but in constant transformation. These are often practiced and developed in the format of a performance. For this presentation though, I will try to be more dry, stay with the practice and not with everything around that makes it into a performance.